Monday, June 13, 2011

There Are More Older Male Binge Drinkers Than You Might Think

Rob Bouwman/Shutterstock
Although people tend to think of binge drinking as being a young male problem, actually quite a few middle-aged and older men are binge drinkers as well – 16 percent, in fact, according to a study reported in the May Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Moreover, the middle-aged and older male binge drinkers were found to have significantly more alcohol abuse disorder or alcohol dependence disorder than middle-aged men who drank alcohol, but did not binge.

Furthermore, some of these men may need professional help for their alcohol problem, but not realize that, in addition to programs such as Alcohol Anonymous, several medications are on the market that can counter alcohol craving or use. More information on this  subject can be found in Psychiatric News  at