Tuesday, January 10, 2017

AJP Recognized for Outstanding Publication of Research That Informs Clinical Practice

Two prestigious institutions have recognized the American Journal of Psychiatry (AJP) for publication of outstanding research that informs and improves clinicians’ practice of psychiatry by enhancing assessment of patients or improving treatment options.

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Journal Watch Psychiatry and the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation have each recognized its top 10 choices for research studies published in 2016. Two AJP articles were selected by NEJM Journal Watch Psychiatry, and three were selected by the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. For both lists, AJP had the most number of listed publications.

“Providing reliable, up-to-date information for clinicians and their patients is the most important role of the American Journal of Psychiatry,” said AJP Editor Robert Freedman, M.D. “Therefore, the Editorial Board, our authors, and I take special pride in receiving top recognition this year from both NEJM Journal Watch Psychiatry and the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation for bringing our readers the highest quality information that can guide their practice now and in the future.”

These are the two reports selected by NEJM Journal Watch Psychiatry:

The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation selected these reports:

More information about these studies will appear in a future issue of Psychiatric News.

(Image: American Journal of Psychiatry)