Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Highlights From APA Annual Meeting: Day Five

The final day of APA’s Annual Meeting featured an animated, case-based session on ECT and a review of strategies to help prevent suicide in youth. Experts also offered practical guidance on how to treat pregnant women with psychiatric conditions and important insights on why migrant children face a long, slow recovery when they are separated from their families.

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Expert Outlines Practical Tactics Parents, Practitioners Can Use to Help Teens Overcome Suicidal Urges

Increasing suicide rates among adolescents call for immediate approaches to reducing the risk. Michele Berk, Ph.D., offers seven practical tactics that parents and psychiatrists can use today.
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Panelists Discuss Difficult ECT Questions, From Patient Selection to Treatment Completion

In a lively, interactive session on Wednesday participants debated patients most likely to benefit from ECT, how to place electrodes, and whether to use lithium before and after treatment.  Read More >

Nine Tips for Managing Psychiatric Conditions Before, During, and After Pregnancy

Four perinatal psychiatry experts remind that treatment during pregnancy requires a risk-risk discussion with women: the risks of treating versus not treating.
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NIMH Research Seeks to Harness Power of Technology, says Gordon

Applying machine learning and other technologies to better understand risk factors for suicide were among the topics addressed by NIMH director Joshua Gordon, M.D., Ph.D., during the 175th History Track session.
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Considerations for Treating Migrant Children Separated From Parents

Building trust is an important first step to helping migrant children separated from parents begin a path to recovery, says child trauma expert Alicia Lieberman, M.D. Read More >

Panel Questions Evidence on Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression

While some studies show DBS to be effective, experts warn against “therapeutic enthusiasm,” saying the body of evidence does not sufficiently support the treatment. Read More >

From Patient to Inmate: Session Highlights Complex Interactions Between Social Policies and Mental Health Care Delivery

Experts explore how upstream social institutions and policies on homelessness and incarceration can drive downstream breakdowns in the delivery of public mental health services. Read More >

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